X Cruise Folding Walker

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I have owned this rollator for a good few months now (since August '16) & I am very impressed with it. I suffer from Fibromyalgia & CFS/ME so need a rollator to help me walk safely and to sit on when I get tired.

The seat is lovely & wide and very comfortable even though it's not very deep (much better than my previous rollator that had a small, square padded seat).

When walking I can use it in quite narrow spaces as it remains stable enough to use even if the seat is not 'locked' into its wide open position.

It feels very sturdy and I feel safe using it, I believe it's because of the design which means you walk between the front and rear wheels.

I love the way you can get up kerbs by using either 'pedal' on the inside of each back wheel, very helpful.
I stand more upright using this rollator because you stand closer to the handles thanks to the position of the seat.
This rollator has made quite a big difference to my life I hope one will do the same for you or whomever you are buying it for.


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