Quickie Xenon2 wheelchair

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The Quickie Xenon2 is a refreshed version of the very successful Xenon, an ultralight folding wheelchair which has been transforming opinions of folding wheelchairs. Key to the success is the wide variance in its configuration. The Quickie Xenon2 FF (Fixed Frame) is the most popular wheelchair and it’s easy to understand why. With the lifting bar footrest or the autofold footrest, the FF model gives great stability, especially when moving at walking pace or faster around corners. The Hybrid and Swing Away versions obtain more stability with the additional frame piece. The Xenon is an ultralight wheelchair that copes easily with very active lifestyles. Combined with the folding capabilities that enable the wheelchair to be transported easily and the wide range of options, for a person new to their wheelchair or someone with a demanding and varied lifestyle, the Xenon2 copes with all of it.

Because of the frame being made within a range, it means that the Quickie Xenon2 can also adapt to a user over a period of time, too. This assists in someone’s own journey in their change through their own condition.
Simply put – this will cater for most clinical needs of a wheelchair user.With a base price of £2,500, it’s a significant investment. It’s a good one.

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