Premium Powered Wheelchair Service


At Ablenet we know that buying your chair or scooter is a wonderful and exciting experience. A scooter service package or wheelchair service package can help to make sure that feeling stays. Not having to worry about unexpected breakdowns & repairs slowing you down, and knowing that your vehicle has been serviced annually means you can relax and get on with doing what you do. Leave the worry to us.

Our team of manufacturer trained service engineers can attend to your service at your address whether that’s at a Clinic, Care Home, School/College or in your own home.


On our services for powered chairs we will check all key fixings bolts screws etc are all correct and tight. We will check all castor and rear wheel bearings for wear and damage. We check all tyre pressures where appropriate and all castors. Check folding mechanisms and seat slings to ensure they are all tight.

We check the batteries, motors and wiring to ensure no damage/wear.

We also ask if there are any issues they are having that we can address on the service.


Enquiry form

If you’re interested in any of the wheelchairs we have on our website, please fill out this form and a local specialist will contact you shortly. You’ll also be eligible to receive a discount code enabling you to get £150 off manual wheelchairs and £300 off motorised wheelchairs.