Carbon Fibre Walking Sticks

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The Ossenberg foldable travel crutches are made of carbon fibre and support a body weight of 140kg (21 stone). These foldable crutches can be disassembled and easily reassembled using an internal elastic band to assist with mounting.

The plastic sections of the crutch are made of a high-quality fibreglass reinforced material.

The Anatomical Soft Grip cushioned handles are made of an antimicrobial material which hinders bacterial expansion and kills microorganisms. The crutch is height adjustable to 10 positions using a Push Button and Supplied with storage/travel bag.


  1. Paul A

    I’ve been using these crutches over a year now. For me, the biggest appeal was that they fold. I rarely fold them twice (you can fold them in half, and also remove the bottom adjustable part in order to make them fold down smaller), but folding them just the once helps greatly. Getting my NHS ones in the car boot could be a pain, these just pop in half and go in without a problem.
    They are open cuff, whereas NHS provided ones are closed. This means they won’t stay attached to your arm if you’re using your hands. I tend to balance my elbow on top of the cuff whilst I do this so that they don’t go crashing to the ground – although I’m happy to say they’ve survived numerous bounces with barely a scratch! If this isn’t for you, I’d suggest looking at closed cuff crutches.
    They don’t click when you walk (unlike the NHS ones) which is quite lovely.
    I’ve got problems with my hands and find the anatomical grip to be a lot more comfortable. I was fortunate enough to try this out at a local mobility store *before* purchasing though, as I wasn’t sure about it. The grip allows me to spread more of the load into my palms.
    The only complaints I can level at them is that I’m not a fan of the reflectors (I covered mine with some black tape in the end and haven’t thought about them since), and that they are an absolute pain to store in the bags they came with – to the point I no longer bother.
    All in all, I have no regrets about buying these, and much prefer them over the NHS ones!

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