Disabled Parking Permit Holder and Timer Wallet


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A Blue Badge Company wallet is a stylish way to protect, store and display a disabled parking permit. Our wallets are compact, easy-to-use and have been specially designed to fit the new permit currently being issued. Each wallet comes with a free timer clock and our exclusive Hologram-Safe feature ensures the hologram on the badge isn't covered, complying with Department of Transport guidelines. A Blue Badge Company wallet is a pleasure to use. It guarantees that your permit is displayed legally and protects it from damage. No longer the dull clinical products of the past, our collection is quirky, warm and charming. These modern designs and high-quality products express our love for uplifting patterns, beautiful colours and British craftsmanship. All our wallets are made in the UK, providing jobs and training for those with limited work options, like people who have domestic responsibilities and disabilities. With a wide variety of items and designs to choose from, there's something for everyone.

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