Disabled and Blind Day Rock Climbing in Yorkshire


Rock climbing is the dance between your body and the tune of the rock.
The core of rock climbing is solving challenges. Every challenge and route is different
but the goal is simple - go up.
We climb in two venues on this day: a climbing wall before lunch to literally teach you
the ropes, and outside at Ingleton Quarry in the afternoon. This is a short wheel chair
accessible journey from the climbing wall.
We supply lunch for this day.
The climbing wall gives us chance in the warm and dry to work out systems that work
for you before moving out into the outdoor environment.
We have a huge range of ways we can facilitate climbing from radios, to an along
side climber assisting placing feet and providing balance, to using a modified safety
system to reduce the load your body needs to support to progress upwards.
We have a selection of padded harnesses, full body harnesses and specialist seated
harnesses that can also provide head support.
Going up is only one side of the equation every active climber needs a rope manager
or belayer and we have some specialist rope management devices that are
particularly suited to those with limited mobility or dexterity.

Ingleton is our primary meeting spot for caving and climbing activities – we use it because it is close to the venues we use and has good phone signal to stay in touch with you. We will drive on from here to the cave once we have made contact – there is a free short term parking section next to the disabled toilet.

Finding Ingleton

Ingleton is 22 miles from Junction 36 of the M6 on the A65. Initially signposted (at Junction 36) for Kirkby Lonsdale.

Finding Us

We will loitering in the vicinity of the short stay carpark looking outdoorsy and smiling

Park at the Community Centre car park

Postcode: LA6 3HG
W3W: ///discusses.elevates.argue
OSGR:SD 694 730


The car park in Ingleton is a pay and display car park. There are great cafes etc if you want to turn up early and grab a bite etc.

You do not need to pay and display to stay the short time that we should be there to meet for caving – make sure you sue the correct short stay spaces to the left of the community centre.

If you are going climbing: pay for all day unless we have planned to move on when booking.


Cafe – At Inglesport (many steps) Bernies (Single step)
Small supermarket – Co-op in Ingleton
Toilets – At the community centre car park (including an accessible toilet – RADAR)

Rock day

Try rock climbing

A rock day is a great way to get a taste of climbing where the emphasis is on having a great time and having a go.

After meeting and travelling into the climbing venue we quickly get you on the rock trying a variety of different climbing challenges.
Lunch is, as always, included.

Normally we have a go at abseiling, descending from the top while the abseiler controls the rope during the day.

We have a range of convenient meeting points to suit your needs and minimise travel time. We operate from venues near Coniston, Ingleton, Grange Over Sands and Ullswater.

After booking, you will receive an email with a unique booking code. You will be provided with a link to request your experience day.. Then all you do, is wait for the fun to begin.


Dedicated disabled parking and accessible toilet close by.
Surfaces are a mixture of loose gravel (not much), compacted slate, grass (nearly flat)
oh and rock.
We have a radio system compatible with 3.5 mm stereo jacks to aid hearing.
We are ASD aware and have many coping strategies and can arrange visual
timetables, familiarisation visits, quiet time access and time out options.

Maximum weight 100kg (beyond this we need to consult on the specific equipment
required and its designed weight)
Minimum waist 58 cm (groups with children under 8 should book privately as it will
affect the rest of the group)

We are highly flexible especially on private bookings – we are a specialist provider of
inclusive adventures – everything can be discussed.
We do need to accept this is a minimally adapted environment and the normal outdoor
realities apply;
Surfaces can be wet, loose or slippery
Wind and rain make the weather cold
Sun burns
Toilets can be far away
And unforeseen things happen
Are spectators welcomed? Yes when we are outdoors – perhaps a brew in the tea shop
in the morning ?

Which days of the week is the experience available?
Dates vary and can be discussed on booking
Any months the experience doesn’t run?
In the winter months October- March we dont offer open activities but still arrange
private bookings 2 or more individual places is fine for winter bookings
Are there any excluded or restricted dates?


Our mission is quite simple: we want to get more disabled and visually impaired people enjoying new, fun and exhilarating activities. We want to help people with disabilities and visual impairments feel confident that they can enjoy the same activities and life experiences as someone without a disability. We want disabled and blind people to have access to new and cool products which look like they were made for someone with a zest for life