Disabled and Blind Open Canoeing – Windermere


Who Is This For? * 

Explore Windermere at the speed of a paddle, one of the simplest and most
memorable ways to connect with the lake and environment.

Open canoeing is a super accessible sport by virtue of the boat bottoms being smooth.
Open canoes can be boarded on the land and only when everyone is comfy and secure
launched onto the water on a low friction mat. Once on the water we paddle off to
explore Windermere.

We have a variety of systems to support people with additional mobility needs
including outrigger floats to stabilise the canoes, supportive seats which give back
and lateral support, grip aids.

Access to and from the canoes can be on the land, which makes it ideal for those with
mobility impairments as you can get right next to the boat before transferring in. We
also have a gantry hoist to facilitate access for those who can’t independently

There is an optional rudder that we can attach for steering, which is fantastic for
those that have energy limiting conditions, grip impairments or upper arm mobility
impairments to take an active role in the sport.

Lunch is a posh picnic and hot drink supplied by us and normally on a secluded beach.
We have a ramp access (900mm wide) power support boat which can provide tow
support to aid groups returning back to the start - allowing them to travel further in
one direction, make a quick return run to accessible toilets and provide a space for
group members who would prefer to watch (participants in the powerboat are
chargeable). Freedom (our powerboat) is launched as needed and judged on weather
conditions and group information - if you are banking on her facilities you must tell

Finding Fell Foot

Fell Foot is one mile North of Newby Bridge on the A592. Coming from Newby Bridge the park exit is reached first followed by the entrance approximately 500m further on.

The Postcode is LA12 8NN

If you are lost, late or having any problems call us on the duty phone (only operated when we are expecting clients) on 07452933763

Finding Us

We meet at the Active Base.  There is very limited parking down there but the two blue badge spaces tend to be available.

When you enter the park, head into the main carpark unless using the disabled spaces and then wander over to find us under the tree in the Active Base  (there is only one and it’s obvious).

Bring your stuff for the day with you, there are lockers at the Active Base for anything you want to lock away – safe and dry.


Our hosts charge for parking – if you are a National Trust Member it’s free. We encourage people to actually park in the park rather than outside as they have invested huge efforts to make this a great community hub and we support them through parking and membership. Parking is £9 for all day.

We pay a fee for your use of the Active Base so you should not pay for Active Base bands if offered.


Cafe – Fell Foot has a lovely cafe if you fancy turing up early for a brew.

Off road wheelchair.   Fell Foot has an off road wheel chair (see the picture) if you are counting on using it, contact us so we can pre book it.

Disabled access toilet – at the Active Base – brand new to modern standards.

Changing Place – behind the cafe – bring your own sling.

Arrival 10am starting promptly – winding up at 3:30 pm for a 4pm drive away

Canoes provide a super flexible and exciting way to adventure out of chair and

away from your regular mobility aids.

See Windermere England’s largest lake and jewel in the crown of the National

Park from the ideal craft

If you can Canoe all sorts of adventures open up across the county and abroad

After booking, you will receive an email with a unique booking code. You will be provided with a link to request your experience day.. Then all you do, is wait for the fun to begin.


Fell Foot

Dedicated disabled parking. Level access to activity, cafe, accessible toilets and full changing place.
Access to craft requires ability to self transfer between surfaces of moderately
different heights or use of gantry hoist.
We have a variety of supportive seating, transfer aids, grip aids, resting seats and
We have a radio system compatible with 3.5 mm stereo jacks to aid hearing.
We are ASD aware and have many coping strategies and can arrange visual
timetables, familiarisation visits, quiet time access and time out options.


Maximum waist 155cm
Minimum weight 12kg (though below 8’s should really book privately – equivalent to 3
adult tickets) as it affects the other participants on open events

We are highly flexible especially on private bookings – we are a specialist provider of
inclusive adventures – everything can be discussed.
We do need to accept this is a minimally adapted environment and the normal outdoor
realities apply;
Surfaces can be wet, loose or slippery
Wind and rain make the weather cold
Sun burns
Toilets can be far away
And unforeseen things happen
Are spectators welcomed? yes
Spectators will find spectating of little value – we will be out of sight for the majority of
the time. However there is a nice cafe and woodland walks within the park.

Which days of the week is the experience available?
Dates vary and can be discussed on booking
Any months the experience doesn’t run?
In the winter months October- March we dont offer open activities but still arrange
private bookings 2 or more individual places is fine for winter bookings
Are there any excluded or restricted dates?


Our mission is quite simple: we want to get more disabled and visually impaired people enjoying new, fun and exhilarating activities. We want to help people with disabilities and visual impairments feel confident that they can enjoy the same activities and life experiences as someone without a disability. We want disabled and blind people to have access to new and cool products which look like they were made for someone with a zest for life