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With almost 14 million people either a disabled or blind in the UK, it is the largest untapped consumer market. Find out how you can be part of the revolution; give yourself that ‘oh so great’ feeling of giving something to those less fortunate, whilst selling your experience or product through Ablenet.

Disability consultant Mary-Anne Rankin says that businesses should think ‘inclusivity’ from the very beginning of any product or service they’re starting. She says: “You’ve got to think about the widest possible usage of your services and explore innovative ways of enabling everybody to benefit from them. Because after all if more customers can benefit, you’re going to make more money.”

Ablenet is the only national company offering experiences and products to the disabled and visually impaired and is growing. Why not see how easy it is to make your experience accessible to all or a select group of those of use with a disability or visual impairment.

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