Amazing Blind Supercar Drive Yourself Experiences

This is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity from Ablenet, the only home of gift experiences for disabled people and the visually impaired. As the disability experience provider of Europe’s largest Supercar Driving company, we are giving people with any level of visual impairment the chance to get behind the wheel of a Supercar and to drive it around a race circuit comprising hairpin turns and fast straights!

Blind Driving? How?

These supercars have all been fitted with Automatic gearboxes, allowing drivers to concentrate on directing the car and controlling speed without the added complication of gear changes. All drivers will be accompanied by a professional instructor who will give you feedback on direction, speed and ultimately keep you on the track!

Enjoy a chance to put a fantastic range of super-stylish and super-powerful speed demons through their paces with one of our Supercar Thrill experiences – it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know some amazing cars with big personalities. It’s the ultimate fast and furious fantasy made real, whether you are visually impaired or disabled; Ablenet can make your dreams come true. We are also including a Hot Lap, whereby you will be driven around the track by your instructor in a super-fast saloon car.

As for the dream machines, popular picks include the Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and Audi R8.
Ablenet has created the opportunity to make your dreams come true. The hardest part is choosing which car to drive.

Check out the video above and see how much fun can be had and have a look below to see what’s on offer…