Accessible Skiing Experiences

Ablenet believe that taking part in adaptive Snowsport has the power to transform a person’s relationship with not just their disability or visual impairment, but with all aspects of their lives. We believe that all people have the right to access the unique physical, mental, and social benefits of Snowsport, regardless of disability, injury, or experience.

As disability experience provider of the UK’s best accessible ski schools at various locations throughout the UK, we are supported by a fantastic team of highly qualified adaptive instructors. Together, we work to ensure that everybody can access Snowsport.

How? We hear you ask. We answer the various skiing experiences can be tailored to an individual’s disability or visual impairment. Whether it be sit down skiing, stand up skiing or voice control skiing with or without a headset. Our instructors will get you skiing on the slopes for an hour of this two-hour experience.

With 4 Locations nationwide to choose from, accessible skiing is only a Gift Voucher away.